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Fight 4 A Future

It's time to take action!

Gun violence in the United States is a public health crisis—one that has a devastating impact on young people. Ninety-six people are killed with a gun in the United States every day, and 31 of them are under the age of 30.

This simply does not happen in other countries. Young people are 82 times more likely to be murdered with a gun in the United States than in other high-income countries. What makes us different? We have more guns and too many elected officials who are under the thumb of the corporate gun lobby led by the National Rifle Association.

But young people are not just passive victims of gun violence—they are poised to make their voices heard in our political system.

Young people have a crucial opportunity to raise their voices and demand that leaders in Congress stand up to the gun lobby and take real action to reduce gun violence in America.

It’s time to #Fight4AFuture free from gun violence.

NRA Money Recipients

Candidates for Federal Office who have accepted NRA money